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Mother Teresa recognize the Holy in 2016

Mother Teresa will be canonized in September 2016. This became possible after the Pope signed a decree recognizing that she performed a miracle through the power that God has given her.

Pope Francis recognized a miracle the healing of mother Teresa man, suffered from multiple brain tumors.

Mother Teresa, who devoted her life to helping the poor and awarded the Nobel peace prize, died in 1997, she was 87 years old. In 2003, Pope John Paul II declared her blessed.

It is unknown where exactly will be the proclamation of Saint Teresa, in Rome, or in India, where she led a charitable activity.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta, whose name Ganga Agnes Bojaxhiu, born in 1910 in a family of Albanians on the territory of today’s Macedonia. In 1951 «for his work for the benefit of the underprivileged in Kolkata,» she received Indian citizenship.

Mother Teresa recognize the Holy in 2016 18.12.2015

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