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MP Habib vs Le Pen: «it is Unacceptable to be a jihadist and French citizen»

The Deputy of the National Assembly of France Meyer Habib, who comes from a family of Jewish immigrants, commented on the statement of the leader «National front» marine Le Pen, who promised in case of coming to power to prohibit dual Israeli-French citizenship, Recalling the «unpayable debt of France before the Jews».

About it writes on Monday, February 13, the website of the newspaper the Jerusalem Post.

«You cannot ask Jews to choose between father and mother. I want to remind Le Pen, that Israel is a life insurance for Jews around the world. If this country existed 70 years ago, the Holocaust would not have happened. Even if this does not suit you, we will never require from the French by the Israelis to choose between France and Israel «, – leads edition of the words of the Deputy.

«It’s not a national problem, and the question of moral values. What’s really impossible is to be a jihadist to hate France, to deny its basic values and life style and to be a holder of French citizenship,» says Habib.

The MP also reminded about the anti-Semitic statements of Jean-Marie Le pen, marine’s father and founder of the «National front», expressing distrust of the attempts to improve the image of the party and «her DNA». He believes that marine Le Pen will not win in the presidential election, because it would be bad for the country and democracy.

Recall that last week, marine Le Pen, the daughter of 88-year-old politician, who today heads the national front and tries to improve his image among voters, urged the Jews to abandon the wearing of yarmulkes «for the sake of victory for radical Islam» and promised citizens that if elected President, will not allow dual Israeli-French citizenship, because the Jewish state is not a member of the EU.

MP Habib vs Le Pen: «it is Unacceptable to be a jihadist and French citizen»

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