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MP Hamed Amar about the attack and the cowardice of the Arab leadership. Interview

MP from the party «Israel Our home» Hamed Amar, Knesset representing the Druze community, told about the mood in the community after the attack on the Temple mount in Jerusalem and how he represented relations with the Arab citizens of Israel.

Recall that on the morning of 14 July, three terrorists opened fire on the officers, then tried to hide in one of the mosques. The Israeli security forces during the pursuit, eliminated the attackers. They had discovered two home-made pistol-machine gun «Carl Gustav» and another gun.

In the attack, three employees of the Israeli police and border guards received gunshot wounds. Two of them, the ensign hail Satui (30) and warrant officer Camille Shanan (22), died. Both victims were friends.

This attack carried out three residents of the Israeli Arab city of Umm El-Fahm, who were not only relatives, but also full of namesakes. All three, according to the documents bore the name of Muhammad Jabarin. They were 30, 20 and 19 years old.

Hamas has not claimed responsibility for the attack, claiming three of the attackers were activists of the North wing of the «Islamic movement» and took revenge on the Jews for «desecration of al-Aqsa mosque».

How this attack was the turning point in the relations between Druze and Arabs in Israel?

First of all, I want to Express my condolences to the families of the victims. This is a very serious attack. I was at the funeral, met with families, visited them in mourning. And the father of Camille (a former member of the Knesset Shakib Shanan – approx.ed.), one of the dead policemen, said to me: «We want to live in peace, good neighborly relations».

But we must remember that Camille Shanan and hail Satui – Israeli policemen who died in a Holy place, protecting the state of Israel and the Muslim shrines from the terrorists. Protecting the freedom of Islamic worship. And from this Holy place came three terrorists, three monsters – shot them in the back and killed.

So we are not talking about clash of Druze and Muslims, and the clash of Israel and the terrorists. But I have no doubt that the murderers knew that the fire in Druze. They tested them, talked to them. Besides, it was not the first time that they went to al-Aqsa. Although I hope that they were killed not because they were friends.

Should we be afraid of revenge? The mosque in the village of Mrar, where there are Druze, and Arabs, a grenade was thrown.

We are not like that. We seek peace. We will not tolerate that someone touched us, but do not want anyone to touch. We want to live together. All the elders of the Druze community, political and religious leadership, including me, condemned the attack on the mosque.

You can’t touch a house of prayer, you can not attack the innocent. It is not our way. Them maybe, but not ours. We will not tolerate lynching. Israel – right state, we keep our youth under control. We are not afraid to speak the truth and lead and not go on about the streets.

Perhaps, as others do, but we are not. We are in the street behind him. Do not touch the mosque, not to hinder freedom of worship of Muslims.

11.000 Druze signed a petition about the destruction of houses of terrorists. How do you feel about this initiative? Whether you have signed the petition?

Not signed, but I and did not bring it. Israel is a legal state, it has the government. And the solution is to take power, not the Druze youth. The government must decide what it wants to develop a clear policy towards terrorists, regardless of whether they live within the green line or not. A terrorist remains a terrorist, and to act against him should be appropriate.

What would you like to say to Sheikh Raad Salah, declared that the blood shed on the Temple mount, Israel is guilty?

Democracy must be able to defend themselves, not just shout «I am democracy». It’s time to put an end to the inflammatory activity of RA’ad Salah. Enough to be a nurse, we need to protect our democracy, our citizens, our ideals, our institutions. It is unacceptable that people could say whatever he wants, and the courts have repeatedly said that it is freedom of speech. Incitement should be punished severely to understand how it is fraught. And I call on the government to deal with the instigators, the first of which – RA’d Salah.

Almost the entire Arab world in condemning Israel after the security arrangements on the Temple mount. As the attack took Druze in other countries?

I didn’t speak with friends abroad, but read the posts in which they Express their solidarity with the victims friends. They try not to make statements in connection with the delicacy of the situation. I can understand them. They share our pain, but cannot do more is a small community in a vast Muslim sea.

How the attack affected the mood in the community? Is there a threat to the «Union of blood» Druze and Jews?

The situation is the opposite. We are able to cope with the loss and always look forward. Hundreds of our soldiers died defending Israel. The Union of the Druze and the Jews and the land of Israel was signed before the creation of the state. We signed him because both were in the minority and wanted to protect myself. It is not only a Union of blood. This Union brothers, Union alive.

You will be surprised. I call people who are over fifty. They were officers, and now want to return to service – even volunteers. Young people also want to serve in the police in Jerusalem. So the morale is strong, and the Druze understand that Israel is their country and the other country will not. And we will not let terrorists or external enemies to threaten us and destroy us. It’s not happening.

How will the relations of Arabs and Druze in Israel?

We know how to get along with everyone. Over thousands of years we are surviving in difficult conditions in the Middle East. I don’t like generalizations, don’t want to talk about all the Arabs. But after so severe the attack, the Arab leadership was right to say that the participants of the attack – the terrorists that have damaged the relationship between the state of Israel and its Arab minority. Instead of having to declare the inadmissibility of terrorist attacks, it is hidden.

Yesterday I checked out: 97% of residents of Umm El Fahm voted for the joint list. In democratic countries, such indicators simply can not be. But they all voted in one block. The leaders of the United list were the first to condemn the attack, especially because the terrorists, if they have the right to vote, more likely to have voted for this list. That’s what I resent the cowardice of the leadership. Politicians must lead, and in the Arab community is the opposite: the crowd drags her along. And this is the worst in this situation.

Interviewed By Paul Vyhdorchyk

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MP Hamed Amar about the attack and the cowardice of the Arab leadership. Interview 18.07.2017

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