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Multichannel TV will be allowed to include in the advertising in TV shows

Management of multi-channel satellite and cable TV announced hearings before making changes in the regulation related to advertising on television.

Prepared by the office of the new rules are intended to regulate the inclusion of advertising on the TV channels. Still officially the inclusion of advertising on TV was banned and fined. However, de facto created a semi-legal market for such advertising.

Under the new rules, to include ads in reality TV, sitcoms, entertainment programs, sports programs and talk shows. It will not be allowed advertising in news bulletins and programmes on current events, programmes for children and teenagers, in documentary programmes and investigative journalism in programmes on Economics and business, in a satirical programmes, as well as in programs lasting less than 5 minutes.

Also it will be illegal to advertise gambling and lotteries, alcohol, tobacco, and junk food.

When including advertising in the transmission before its beginning and after its end (in long transmission every 30 minutes) will be broadcast insert, announcing the presence of advertising and revealing of the advertiser.

Will be banned too obvious advertising and advertising that do not fit into the broadcast format.

Further rules are planned to be extended to commercial television (the Second and the Tenth channel ITV), but this requires changing the legislation.

Multichannel TV will be allowed to include in the advertising in TV shows 03.12.2015

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