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«Mysterious and unpredictable woman Russia». Review of Russian media

Eight people were injured in the shooting in the commune of Avignon in the South of France. The attackers opened fire on the congregation of the mosque Ar-Rahma, leaving the prayer. Four of the victims – members, four residents of a mosque adjacent to the house, wrote on Tuesday the newspaper «Kommersant».

Two suspects, armed with a pistol and a shotgun, drove to the mosque Ar-Rahma on the Renault Clio, parked in front of the entrance, got out and opened fire. Four people were injured in front of the mosque, the family of four, including a seven year old girl in a house nearby. Two of the eight victims were taken to the hospital. The attackers fled from the scene.

Military-air forces of the international coalition headed by the USA attacked the village of Kishkish, Saanut southern Syrian province of al-hasakah. The attack killed nine civilians, according to «Russian newspaper» with reference to the Syrian national Agency SANA.
According to the source, June 28, coalition aircraft led by the United States also launched three air strikes on the town of al-Mayadin, and the village of At-Debian. The victims of the attack were 90 civilians, including women and children.

«The woman who stopped the cold war» Suzanne Massey: Against Russia configured a handful of elites, and not trump and the American people» – is the title of an article in «Komsomolskaya Pravda», which published the recommendations of the ex-Advisor to Reagan, who helped him in the negotiations with Gorbachev.

«I disagree with the statement that there is a new cold war. She goes to Washington, but not in America. Never identified the American people with a small handful of the political elite in Washington. They put forward all these unsubstantiated allegations. But accusations are not proof. I’ve been giving lectures all over America. The American people are not tuned to Russian hostility. He treats you with great curiosity. We have little information about Russia and a positive one at all. The West is making a huge mistake, pursuing a policy towards a country that is no more… Russia reminds me of the mysterious, mysterious and unpredictable woman. And USA – a young man who is accustomed to act quickly», – quotes the edition the word MASSY.

«Mysterious and unpredictable woman Russia». Review of Russian media 04.07.2017

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