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Nakba day: the Palestinian Arabs oppose Israeli security forces

On may 15 the Palestinian Arabs mark the Nakba Day (Day of Catastrophe) – the day after the day of proclamation of independence of the state of Israel. Every year on this day, the Palestinian and Israeli Arabs staged a mass protest.

On Monday morning, Arab youth blocked entrances to Ramallah car tires and trash containers in preparation for clashes with Israeli security forces, according to the Agency Maan.

Around 10 am received the first reports of clashes near the village of Nabi Salah, in Benjamin, Northwest of Ramallah and at the qalandia roadblock, South of Ramallah.

This year Nakba Day celebrated on the background of mass hunger strike of prisoners in Israeli jails convicted of terrorism. Expected to numerous protests throughout the Palestinian authority and in Jerusalem, dated to the 29th day of hunger strike. These actions are organized and supported by leaders of Fatah, Hamas and other «Palestinian factions.»

Based on the available information, the negotiations on the cessation of the hunger strike did not bring results. The Ministry of prisoner Affairs in the Palestinian authority say that for about a month, starving more than a thousand prisoners in Israeli jails.

How many prisoners actually continue the hunger strike is unclear.

Earlier media associated with Hamas and Fatah, with reference to the Kadoorie Faris, who heads the Association of Palestinian prisoners, reported that from 6.300 Palestinian Arabs incarcerated in Israeli prisons, hunger-strike took part more than 1500 people. SCHABAS reported that initially the protesters were less than a thousand, and during the first weeks the number of protesters has dropped significantly.

Note that we are not talking about «dry» hunger strike. The participants drink water and a nutrient liquid.

Nakba day: the Palestinian Arabs oppose Israeli security forces 15.05.2017

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