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Nasrallah compared the statement of trump with the Balfour Declaration

The leader of the Lebanese terrorist grouping «Hezbollah» Hassan Nasrallah made a televised address to his followers. The leader of the terrorists has compared US President Donald trump on the recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital with the Balfour Declaration.

«The Zionists are not able to carry out the agreement, even signed by them. They don’t care about any Arab country, nor Europe, nor Russia, nor China, nor Latin America, nor Canada. For them, the only important position of the United States,» said Nasrallah.

«The government of Israel for decades has tried to make Jerusalem Jewish. The American administration, under the pretext of mediation, let this policy, preventing ethnic cleansing. Now this dam collapsed,» — said the leader of the Shiite militants.

Nasrallah asks a question that is waiting for the «indigenous population» of Jerusalem – deportation or appeal to Israeli citizenship. «What will happen to the property of the Palestinians – it will assign or destroy?» — he asks. Of course, the greatest danger, he said, threatens the al-Aqsa mosque.

Nasrallah compared the statement of trump with the Balfour Declaration 08.12.2017

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