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Nasrallah declared victory of Syria and the defeat of the «Zionist enemy»

On Saturday, March 18, Secretary-General of the Lebanese Shiite «Party of God» (Hizbullah) Shaykh Hassan Nasrallah made a statement on the recent Israeli air force attack in Syria.

Nasrallah has supported the version of the command of the Syrian army, according to which after four Israeli aircraft on the night of March 17, invaded Syrian airspace and bombed targets «near Palmyra», Syrian air defense shot down two aircraft, one of which fell in the «occupied territories».

As of 19 March, Damascus has not provided any evidence that the Israeli planes were shot down or damaged. The IDF flatly denied allegations that any of the aircraft involved in this operation suffered damage. It was reported that Syrian air defenses fired on Israeli aircraft, two missiles, s-200, one of which was shot down by a missile defence system «Hetz-2», the other fell on Jordanian territory, on the outskirts of Irbid.

Thus, the Arab media reported that Israeli warplanes bombed East of HOMS, the warehouse of rocket arms «Hezbollah».

Damascus and the leadership of Hizbullah claim that Israeli missiles have not reached the purposes and have not caused significant damage.

Speaking from his bunker in Beirut, the leader of «Hezbollah» Hassan Nasrallah announced the victory of Syria and the defeat of the «Zionist enemy». Thus Nasrallah called the «Israeli project» activities in Syria, the Sunni terrorist groups «Islamic state» and «Jabhat EN-Nusra». According to him, all attacks of the IDF in Syria are pursuing a single goal: to raise the morale of terrorists.

At the same time, according to the leader of Hizbullah, many States have realized the futility of support for opponents of Bashar al-Assad. «Forces that are financed, armed and supported gangs, now turned away from them and ready to fight with them, because they realize that their Snakes got out of control and poses a real threat to their creators. This was manifested in the terrorist attacks in Paris, London, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, USA, Saudi Arabia and in other parts of the world,» said Nasrallah.

The leader of «Hezbollah» said that the countries of the international coalition, including Israel, allegedly spent huge funds for the financing of the IG and «al-Qaeda», and now «aware of his fiasco».

Nasrallah called for «Wake up» those who believe that the war in the interests of the country (not only in Syria but also in Iraq and Yemen), «and in fact, kill and destroy in the interests of Israel and the United States.»

Nasrallah declared victory of Syria and the defeat of the «Zionist enemy» 19.03.2017

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