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Nasrallah promises to avenge Israel for the Kuntar «in due time»

The Secretary-General of the Lebanese terrorist organization «Hezbollah» Sheikh Hasan Nasralla on Monday, 21 December, 20:30 by the time the middle East will deliver a special statement on the elimination of Samir Kuntar.

Before the press service of «Hezbollah» issued his first response, which States that the «Party of Allah» will take revenge on Israel «in his time, in a certain situation».

The speech Nasrallah will take place during the ceremony of farewell with Kuntar, which will be held in the district of Dahiya, in southern Beirut.

Samir Kuntar was liquidated on 19 December. According to Syrian and Lebanese media reports two Israeli aircraft fired four missiles on a building in the area of Jermana (South-East of Damascus). In the air strike, the building was completely destroyed, killing at least 9 people – commanders and fighters of Hizbullah (some media claim that among the dead were civilians). It is known that among those killed Samir Kuntar, who directed the actions of the militants «Hezbollah» in the Syrian part of the Golan heights, and field commander Farhan Shaalan.

The Syrian government issued an official response about the air strike, which was eliminated a terrorist Samir Kuntar. Damascus condemned the «terrorist attack that resulted in the deaths of innocent civilians, including the warrior-hero Kuntar».

The the Syrian Minister of information umran al-Zuabi in an interview with the Lebanese TV channel «al-Manar» belonging to Hezbollah, has hinted at possible cooperation of Israel and the intelligence services of Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Turkey, while planning the elimination of Kuntar.

The leadership of Hizbullah has officially confirmed the death of Samir Kuntar. This information is confirmed by his brother by Bassam Kuntar. Hezbollah holds Israel responsible for the murder of Kuntar and other activists of the organization.

Official Jerusalem has refrained from comments.

Samir Kuntar. Summary

53-year-old Samir Kuntar at the end of last year he was appointed commander of one of divisions «Hezbollah» operating in the Syrian part of the Golan heights.

In 1979, the year that 17-year-old teenager, he took part in the terrorist attack of militants of the «Front for the liberation of Palestine» on Israeli town of Nahariya. The militants shot and killed 28-year-old Dani Haran in front of his 4-year-old daughter Einat, and then, according to the investigation, Kuntar smashed the head with the butt girl, and the terrorists broke into the house. Mother Smadar Haran – with 2-year-old daughter Yael was hiding in the attic and pressed the girl’s mouth with his hand, so that she did not cry, the girl suffocated and died. In the shootout with the terrorists killed a policeman. The Kuntar after the arrest claimed that no one was killed, because he was wounded in a shootout with police before Israelis were killed.

On 16 July 2008 along with four other terrorists, Kuntar was released from prison in exchange for the bodies of Israeli soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, killed by Hizbullah in July 2006. After his release, speaking at the celebrations arranged in his honour by the leadership of Hezbollah, Samir Kuntar openly declared that killed Israeli civilians, and vowed to continue «to kill the Zionists».

Destroyed December 20, 2015.

Nasrallah promises to avenge Israel for the Kuntar «in due time» 21.12.2015

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