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Nasrallah vowed to avenge Israel for Kuntar in «any place and any time»

The Secretary-General of the Lebanese terrorist organization «Hezbollah» Sheikh Hasan Nasralla has acted with the special statement devoted to the elimination of Samir Kuntar. His speech was shown by TV channel «al-Manar», and also it was broadcast on screens installed in Beirut’s Dahiya quarter, where today was held the funeral of Kuntar.

«I have no doubt that the Israeli enemy is behind this elimination. This is not the incident requires prolonged investigation to say who was behind it. Israel fired a missile into a dwelling house, which was our brother Samir Kuntar, as well as other people. The building was struck by a missile, Kuntar was killed along with other fighters,» said Sheikh Nasrallah in his speech. The leader of Hezbollah also noted that the building struck the missile was fired from an aircraft, the Israeli air force who were over the Golan, not interfering in Syrian airspace. In his speech, the Secretary General of Hizbullah also categorically rejected the possibility that the Kuntar was «liquidated» by the Syrian opposition.

Sheikh Nasrallah spoke about his recent meeting with Samir Kuntar of which took place in one of the suburbs of Beirut. He noted that Kuntar had shared with him his thoughts on the future of Palestine and also said that actively participates in the activities of the «Islamic Jihad» directed against Israel in Lebanon, and in the territory of «Palestine».

Shaykh Nasrallah called death fighter «a great loss for the Muslim world, but also for Lebanese and Palestinian resistance movements».

The leader of «Hezbollah» also directly addressed to Israel and promised that the organization would respond to the elimination of Samir Kuntar «in any place and at any time it considers appropriate».

Samir Kuntar was liquidated on 19 December. According to Syrian and Lebanese media reports two Israeli aircraft fired four missiles on a building in the area of Jermana (South-East of Damascus). In the air strike, the building was completely destroyed, killing at least 9 people – commanders and fighters of Hizbullah (some media claim that among the dead were civilians). It is known that among those killed Samir Kuntar, who directed the actions of the militants «Hezbollah» in the Syrian part of the Golan heights, and field commander Farhan Shaalan.

The Syrian government issued an official response about the air strike, which was eliminated a terrorist Samir Kuntar. Damascus condemned the «terrorist attack that resulted in the deaths of innocent civilians, including the warrior-hero Kuntar».

The the Syrian Minister of information umran al-Zuabi in an interview with the Lebanese TV channel «al-Manar» belonging to Hezbollah, has hinted at possible cooperation of Israel and the intelligence services of Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Turkey, while planning the elimination of Kuntar.

Official Jerusalem has refrained from comments.

Nasrallah vowed to avenge Israel for Kuntar in «any place and any time» 22.12.2015

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