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Natan Sharansky was awarded the «Mifal’ and -«

Sunday, March 18, education Minister Naftali Bennett announced that the winner of «Mifal’ and Chaim» («Business of life») was Natan Sharansky.

This award he won for its efforts to return Jews to their historic homeland and support repatriation.

«The story of his life became a symbol of the struggle for the right of Jews to return to their historical homeland, live in Israel and become part of it», — says the decision of the Committee to award.

Biography Of Natan (Anatoly) Sharansky

Born January 20, 1948 in a family of journalists. He was one of the leaders of the movement of Soviet dissidents and human rights defenders. A well-known politician of Israel.

Arrested in 1977 on charges of spying for the United States, spent 10 years in Soviet prisons and camps, until, finally, pressure from the international community forced the Soviet government to release him from prison, deprived of Soviet citizenship and deport to Israel.

In 1989, President Reagan awarded him the highest award of the us medal of Freedom.

In may 1996, Sharansky became Minister of industry and trade of Israel. From July 1999 to the Minister of internal Affairs. From 2001 to 2003 he was Deputy Prime Minister of Israel and Minister of construction. Later left the Cabinet in protest against the negotiations on the status of Jerusalem, but to engage in political activity did not stop.

Elected to the Knesset of the 17th convocation of the faction of the Likud, but resigned from Parliament in a few months.

25 Jun 2009 he headed the Jewish Agency («Sokhnut»).

Natan Sharansky was awarded the «Mifal’ and -» 18.03.2018

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