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Navalny won the litigation on the suit of businessman Mikhailov – leader OPG «Solntsevo»

Lublin court of Moscow rejected the claim of businessman Sergey Mihajlova to the opposition leader and Alexei Navalny Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK), in which he demanded to recognize the false and discrediting his name of allegations that the plaintiff bears the nickname «Mikhas» is the leader of the criminal group Solntsevskaya criminal group.

About it write on Monday, August 7, Russian media and, in particular, the site

The lawsuit on protection of honor, dignity and business reputation was filed in June of this year. The plaintiff argued that the film-investigation «the Seagull», it falsely accused of running an organized criminal group.

The businessman demanded to admit disseminated information discrediting his reputation and untrue, to remove them from the site, collect from each of the respondents 250.000 rubles and to pay court costs. However judge Natalia Maximova rejected the plaintiff in satisfaction of his requirements.

The representative of FBK Vyacheslav Gimadi pleased with this verdict: «the Representative plaintiff has not demonstrated that this is the same Mikhailov, and not even provided copies of passports. I won the case, representing the Bulk and the FCO. For the first time in my life.»

«Now the Earth will fly the celestial axis. We won in a Russian court at Mikhailov-Mikhas about our investigation, «Seagull», – commented on the decision of the court of Alexey Navalny on his page on the social network Twitter.

The representative Mikhaylova Marina Koudelka said that he will appeal the decision. «This is the first time we lost it,» she told reporters.
The representative Mikhailov argued that Mihas her client was called in school and not in the OCG. The petition cited the following quote from the movie «the Seagull»: «I Helped to buy a house, the head of Solntsevo criminal group, Mikhailov, known as Mikhas».

«The information is defamatory and untrue. The plaintiff, an influential businessman, who heads a charitable organization. He has received awards from the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, President of Russia and the Patriarch of All Russia» – reminds the lawyer.

In court Koudelka argued that «Michas» is a childhood nickname of the businessman, who has never been brought to criminal liability under article «Organization of criminal group».

In the course of the hearing it became clear that Mikhailov is a premium watch from Putin, although the Kremlin earlier this fact was denied. In 2014 Sergei Mikhailov said on its website that it was awarded nominal hours of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

As evidence Mikhailov published photos of hours, decorated with two-headed eagle and Putin’s signature. Also a photograph of the special award certificate, which, presumably, is the signature of the President.

Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov earlier denied this information, stating in 2014 in radio station interview «Freedom» that Putin is not rewarded Mikhailova: «We have nothing announced – it just wasn’t there».

On Monday morning the representative Mikhailov brought to the court, «the order of the President of the Russian Federation on the promotion for hosting fundraisers in honor of the 69th anniversary of the great Victory», which refers to the fact of awarding nominal hours «President» Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the charity Fund «Participation» Sergei Mikhailov. A copy of the order, signed on 14 may 2014, published on the website of Alexei Navalny.

«Mikhaylov-Mikhas and failed to convince the court that he is not and never was the leader of the Solntsevo criminal group, but he convinced us that Dmitry Peskov, a liar, and his boss, Russian President Vladimir Putin, has indeed presented with watch this man with a remarkable biography. Amazing fact about Putin’s Russia and its heroes», – commented on the awarding of the Bulk.

We will remind that Sergey Mikhaylov is seriously concerned about the laundering of his reputation: in July of this year he obtained a penalty of 300,000 rubles from the RBC holding and removal from the website of the Agency data, undermines its business reputation.

In 2016 Mikhailov turned to Google and «Yandex» with a request to remove from search results for query «Sergey Mikhailov Mihas», «Sergei Mikhailov Solntsevo» and the like – a total of 172 links – in the framework of the law on the «right to oblivion». Search engines at his request have restricted the results pages for those searches.

Navalny won the litigation on the suit of businessman Mikhailov – leader OPG «Solntsevo»

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