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NDI demanded to challenge the acquittal of the man who called the nurse a «Russian prostitute»

MP from the party Yisrael Beiteinu Robert Ilatov sent to the Minister of justice Ayelet shaked of the statement in which has demanded from the Minister to intervene in the matter of insulting the Russian-speaking nurses, which is one of the patients called «Russian prostitute», but was acquitted by the court.

The incident occurred in 2014, when a resident of Bnei Marriage came to a local clinic to donate blood and urine samples. The patient had a long time to wait in line, because nurses were busy procedures take a long time to an elderly woman. When, finally, came the turn of the patient, he asked the nurse why he had to wait so long, and the nurse in answer told him to shut up, then, according to the nurses, he proceeded to swearing and threats, including calling her a «Russian prostitute» and threatened with beatings. The nurse claimed that the defendant broke into her office, while she was working on another patient, and because she needed to concentrate, she told him: «Shut up, please.»

The patient acknowledged that the nurse called «Russian prostitute», but denied that he made threats against her. The judge ruled that a nurse is not a public sector employee, and therefore, insults in its address cannot be criminally punishable.

In his letter to the head of the Ministry of justice Robert Ilatov indicated that it is unacceptable to justify blatantly racist antics and demanded emergency intervention of the Minister in this situation, noting that the prosecution should appeal against the aforementioned verdict of the court. The parliamentarian underlined that it is impossible to leave unpunished such a flagrant manifestation of racism, especially because this decision will become a precedent.

NDI demanded to challenge the acquittal of the man who called the nurse a «Russian prostitute» 04.02.2016

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