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Near Gelendzhik volunteers rescued «pink» dogs

The animal was discovered near Gelendzhik two abandoned dogs breed Samoyed with painted in pink wool, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the community «Husky Help» in the social network Vkontakte.

«Spring on the waterfront and the city of Noumea by some person took three re-painted Samoyed, as an attraction for photo shoots. Then, in March, they were still only babies. Someone is called affection, someone misunderstanding and shock… These poor animals were taken 60 km from Noumea and discarded in the woods, near a sparsely populated hamlets, apparently, when worked. Two of them were kept close to the people, adult Samoyed running in the woods and no one yet can not catch. Pink kids searched for and fished for two days, they wandered, they caught one of them drunks and given only for the ransom… But we did what the dogs are back together, safe, fed,» wrote the administrators of the community «Husky Help» on June 24.

The next day in the same community there was a message that found the dog feel better. The surgery was performed, during which one of the dogs removed from the body of the bullet. The activists noted that there is information that their former owners «go» with the new puppies.

In the community «Husky Help» warn about fraud: in the background of the wide dissemination of information on salvation «pink Samoyed» some speculators began a campaign to raise funds to help these dogs. However, no fees are organized.

Near Gelendzhik volunteers rescued «pink» dogs 27.06.2017

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