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Neck Tite: getting rid of a double chin and flabby neck in one procedure

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Neck «chicken», «Turkey», «elephant»… do You think we are talking about animals? Unfortunately, no. Such epithets give men and women the neck, which, under the influence of various factors has lost its natural shape and thin, or, conversely, swam fat, lost elasticity, covered with wrinkles, acquiring not aesthetic appearance.

From the point of view of aesthetic cosmetology and plastic surgery the neck is the most problematic area of the body because reveals the age and is most difficult of correction.

There are several common methods, but each of them has a compromise. For example, liposuction can actually remove the excess fat and get rid of double chin, there are sagging and can sagging occur and, therefore, the need for additional surgery to correct this shortcoming. Cosmetic methods of correction of the neck may solve the issue of skin elasticity, but have a short effect and require regular repeat treatments.

With the objective to combine the capabilities of plastic surgery and cosmetology, the Israeli-canadian company Invasix invented apparatus Body Tite on the basis of which developed a few techniques that allow using special nozzles to carry out the correction and rejuvenation of the face and body. The effect of such procedures is comparable to the effect of plastic surgery and cosmetic correction at the same time.

Method Neck Tite
can not only remove excess fat, but also tighten and rejuvenate the skin of the neck. Unlike other methods, Neck Tite does not require General anesthesia and repeated procedures, and the effect of a single procedure exceeds all expectations:

— immediate result;
— severe tightening of the skin;
— elimination of fat;
— smoothing of wrinkles;
— increase of elasticity and elasticity of the skin;
— return definition of contours and oval of the face;
— strengthening effect within 3 months after the procedure

The result lasts for many years (over 5).

Neck Tite procedure in Israel is carried out in the clinic of Dr. Ann Gurevich, surgeon with many years of experience in hospitals in Israel, only in Israel, instructor of the international class of the company Invasix – developer of a unique apparatus Body Tite.

For more information and set up an appointment with Dr. Anne Gurevich call 050-336-1999 or use our contact form

The clinic is located in tel Aviv.

Examples of «before» and «after»

Neck Tite: getting rid of a double chin and flabby neck in one procedure

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