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Neck Tite: neck lift without surgery

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According to experts, the first signs of ageing appear at the age of 40 years.
Can apply makeup under the eyes is to use concealer, you can even resort to «beauty shots» for facial rejuvenation. But as for the neck — none of the above apply. The neck gives age at once.

When I tell my friends something like: «I hate my neck», they react some cute phrase like, «I don’t understand what you’re saying…». And of course, they are evil. But I forgive them. I’m cunning when it comes to the bags under the eyes, double chin, folds and rolls to the waist. Or ask them not thinking they can do the correction of the face or body.

Sometimes I go out to lunch with the girls (let’s just say, we are not girls and we have over forty) and sitting at the table, I notice that we all prefer to wear a blouse with turtleneck. And sometimes instead of «knee socks» we tied the scarves hiding or wearing neck jewelry. We all look younger than their age. Except for the neck.

There is a neck «chicken.» Is the neck «Turkey». Neck is «elephant». Shay is sagging and is «faded» from exhaustion. There are skinny neck and is obese, there are soft, have elastic, there is a neck «striped», there is a sunken neck. Is neck, wonderfully combines it all.

But let’s get back to my neck. I guess what you’re thinking — «Why not go to a plastic surgeon?». I’ll tell you why. If you go to a plastic surgeon and tell him what you want him to do you only neck, he just replied that I will not be able to do that without making also plastic surgery. And he’s not cheating. He’s not trying to make money and hold you more money. The truth is that with such a plastic surgery is done at the same time. If you tighten the neck
are required to tighten and the face.

But I don’t want to do a facelift. If I pulled a face, it is obvious that my neck would have looked better, but my face will look like someone pulled it with force. I prefer to look at their miserable face and neck with half-closed eyes, rather than standing in front of that unknown woman who looks suspiciously like a tight drum.

In a desperate search for a solution to the question of improving the appearance of my neck (remember that the operation in calculation did not undertake), I visited dozens of doctors who offered me many different options, but I still wasn’t sure that I would get the expected result.

It is not encountered at a party with my old friend who I haven’t seen a lot of time. Once she was incredibly flabby neck with a missing jawline. Sound familiar? Now I saw her in the beautiful outdoor dress. How? What? The face looks completely natural. How she managed to achieve such results in the operation? She replied that it was not an operation under General anesthesia, a special procedure for tightening the neck TITE NECK, giving a result comparable to plastic surgery.

I turned to Anne Gurevich — the doctor that transformed my friend, in her clinic in tel Aviv. Dr. Anne Gurevich – the only one in Israel, the instructor of the international class of the company INVASIX and one of the few surgeons in the world with experience of conducting thousands of such procedures. The cost of correction I was not embarrassed (about 10,000 shekels, divided by payments).

Today I can afford to wear a dress with a neckline without a sense of embarrassment and inconvenience. Of course, I understand that you need to take your age as experience and wisdom is priceless, but I value my appearance.

And if you share my opinion, I recommend to contact Dr. Anne Gurevich. Make an appointment by phone 050-3361999 or use the contact form.

The event for the holiday of Rosh Hashanah. When ordering before August 15, 2017 you will get a special festive discount and payment procedures easy payment.

Neck Tite: neck lift without surgery

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