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Netanyahu and Katz will hold on August 9 together

On Tuesday evening, August 8, the Minister of transport and reconnaissance Yisrael Katz announced that it will participate in the event organized by the head of the coalition David Bitanem in support of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Katz has published a status on Twitter in which he described his daily routine on 9 August, stressing how much time he will spend with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

«For those interested in my schedule tomorrow morning I will take the Prime Minister at the opening of a highway in Beit Shemesh, after lunch, chaired by Netanyahu will be a meeting of the military-political Cabinet, and then we go together to the event of the Likud,» wrote Katz.

This message appeared on the background of publications on renewed relations between the Prime Minister and the Minister of transport. As reported by political columnist for «Kan» Zeev Kam, Benjamin Netanyahu accused in a closed meeting of the Yisrael Katz in the desire to remove him from power.

According to published information, in the course of meetings with MPs and Ministers held after the Cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister said, «We hear about one so-called senior Minister in the Likud, who wants to take my place. You all know about whom we are talking. He can continue to dream». One of those present recalled that the Minister was one of the first who posted a message in support of the Prime Minister. In response, Netanyahu said, «Maybe we can already call him by his name?»

From the office of the Minister of transport edition told: «Minister Yisrael Katz continues to work on the promotion of projects of national importance in the field of transport and exploration, in close cooperation with the head of the government. As it turned out, the publication about the meeting with the leaders of the coalition factions is not true. The meeting heard statements of this kind and did not mention the name of Minister Katz».

Preparation for the event in support of Benjamin Netanyahu continues. The organizers of the event announced that it will be held in the first pavilion Ganey Taaruha and the Ocean, as originally planned. This is due to the fact that it is expected the presence of more than a thousand people. Most Ministers and MPs from Likud confirmed their participation after David Bitan warned that those who will not have the support of the Prime Minister, will pay a political price. As it became known, members of the Central Committee of the Likud and the party activists are getting recorded phone calls from Bitana urged to take part in the event.

According to estimates published by the TV channel «Kang 11», the cost of the event is on the order of 300,000 shekels, and it will be paid from the budget of the Likud.

Netanyahu and Katz will hold on August 9 together 09.08.2017

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