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Netanyahu announced the rejection of compromise with Kahlana on the establishment of radio and television Corporation

On Saturday evening, March 18, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that changed his mind about the creation of the Corporation, and television.

In his account on the social network facebook, Netanyahu wrote: «After meeting with the employees of the broadcaster, during which I heard heartbreaking stories of people who should be fired in connection with the establishment of a Corporation, I’ve changed my mind. In addition, from conversations with experts, I learned that the data presented by the Ministry of Finance, was inaccurate: the continuation of the work of the office of radio and television will be tens of millions cheaper than creating a Corporation. If so, then who needs it?»

A similar statement was made head of a coalition government David Bitan in an interview to the Second channel ITV. «We are not ready for the creation of this Corporation. Yes, there is a law, but we have another 45 days to change it.»

March 16 was published information according to which agreement has been reached that the Corporation will begin work April 30 as planned, and the Knesset after returning from vacation, will hold a law allowing control over the media.

Netanyahu’s message about the cancellation of the agreement followed consultation with the communications Minister tzachi Hanegbi, Minister of tourism AREVA Levine, culture Minister Miri Regev, and head of a coalition government David Bitanem. These consultations took place on Saturday, and in conversation with the Ministers, Netanyahu gave the order to initiate cancellation of the decision on the beginning of the work of the Corporation. According to the Ministers attending the meeting, Netanyahu is ready for early elections if no agreement is reached with the Minister of Finance and leader of the party «Kulanu» Moshe Kachanom. The head of the coalition David Bitan said: «it All depends on Kahlon. We expect our coalition partners to implement the agreements and providing the Likud support in the issues that are important to us, just as we support other parties in matters that are important to them.»

Note that in the coalition agreements of all parties «Likud» paragraph, according to which coalition partners are obliged to support all initiatives of the Minister of communications in the media sector.

Sources in the party «Kulanu», said: «Netanyahu is behaving irrationally. He uses the debate around the creation of the Corporation as predla, while already made the decision to announce dorozhnykh elections.» Portal Ynet publishes information according to which on the last day Kahlon several times and talked on the phone with the head of the parliamentary opposition ICHARM Duke.

According to published information, the topic of conversation was to discuss the possibility of establishing an alternative government in the Knesset 20 without convening early elections. The press service of the bloc «Zionist camp» issued the following statement Isaac Herzog: «the Zionist camp under my leadership is prepared to cooperate with organizations with Zionist ideals, with a responsible approach and a focus on solving social problems for the Prime Minister. We will conduct the most extensive negotiations in order to ensure wider support for a constructive vote of no confidence in the government.»

In turn, the head of MERETZ zaava galon has said that her faction will submit next week a bill to dissolve the Knesset. «There are two ways to get rid of Netanyahu: according to the word of the voters or by the court, said galon. Since Netanyahu apparently realized that a guilty verdict can not avoid it, he’s willing to risk to ask the opinion of voters. And this opinion must be unequivocal».

The winter session of the Knesset ends March 23.

On the morning of 19 March, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu departs on official visit to Beijing at the invitation of the Chinese government. The visit is timed to the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Israel. During the absence of the Prime Minister, his duties will be fulfilled by the Minister of tourism Yariv Levin.

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Netanyahu announced the rejection of compromise with Kahlana on the establishment of radio and television Corporation 19.03.2017

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