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Netanyahu called on the opposition and the press «sour»

Monday, October 23, speaking at the opening of the winter session of the Knesset, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the opposition and the Israeli media.

«The industry for the production of despondency continues to function, and it has opened a new branch – and-sour mood, — said Netanyahu. – From all sides we hear about how sour the atmosphere in the society that I go with a sour face. These are the same people who attacked me for speaking in the Congress.»

«You are all the time looking sour, complain, whine, criticize. From impotence you pin all their hopes by retelling the thousandth time stories with submarines, but you already understand that this story will soon go into the abyss,» — said the head of government.

«Deep down, you sour, you know that in democratic elections. But you continue to talk about the stagnation of the acidic atmosphere.»

In his speech the head of government has repeatedly returned to the issue of Iran. «Our leading commentators said that the speech in Congress will have no effect. Now it’s safe to say that the effect was minimal: only the President of the United States did not re-approve the agreement, it is a trifle».

Netanyahu also accused the opposition that it tells about the stagnation all the time when there is no dismantling of settlements. «For you, everything that does not lead to the dismantling of settlements, no matter, equal stagnation,» he added.

Netanyahu’s speech was repeatedly interrupted by cries of the deputies from the opposition. Several parliamentarians were removed from the hall by the speaker of the Knesset Yuli-Yoel Edelstein.

Shortly after the speech, Netanyahu posted on his page in social network facebook the photo with a jar of pickles (the word חמוצים can be translated as «sour» and «pickles»). «Our great people are very likes to eat pickles, but it is not quite sour,» wrote Netanyahu.

The head of the parliamentary opposition Isaac Herzog, who spoke after Netanyahu, accused him ten sins for which, according to him, the current coalition will have to repent. He talked about the inaction, about the split, the lack of a coherent policy of ignoring the needs of citizens etc. the Duke wished AVI Gabay, who succeeded him at the head of the «Zionist camp» and the party «Avoda», lead to a change of government.

Netanyahu called on the opposition and the press «sour» 24.10.2017

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