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Netanyahu declared the construction projects in E-1 «void»

The office of the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement, which notes that «construction plans in area E-1 was developed by former Minister of construction URI Ariel, they have no power and no oblige».

According to the office, «the Minister of construction has no authority to decide on projects in Judea and Samaria, this is the prerogative of the Prime Minister».

This statement was issued by the office of the Prime Minister in response to allegations of left-wing radical activists of the movement «peace now Shalom», according to which the government continues planning for construction in E-1 area, located between mA’aleh Adumim and Jerusalem.

According to the «Shalom peace now», in 2014, the Ministry of construction signed a contract with several architects about planning more than eight thousand housing units in the area.

These publications attracted criticism in particular from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. «The implementation of these plans may lead to effective separation of East Jerusalem from the main body of Palestinian land and the fragmentation of the West Bank of the Jordan river into isolated enclaves», — reads the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

«That would create another very significant obstacle to a mutually acceptable solution to final status issues of the Palestinian territories,» — say Russian diplomats.

Recall that in November 2013 froze the tender on construction in area E-1. The tender was published by the Minister of construction URI Ariel.

Then in the office of the Prime Minister also said that the housing Minister had acted on his own initiative, without receiving the consent of the head of the government. Netanyahu has ordered an immediate freeze tender, «as this project will cost Israel in the international arena».

Netanyahu declared the construction projects in E-1 «void» 30.12.2015

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