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Netanyahu demanded to abolish UNRWA

Sunday, June 11, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the weekly Cabinet meeting that it was necessary to disband the Agency for aid to Palestinian refugees UNRWA.

The Prime Minister said: «a Few days ago was discovered a tunnel Hamas at two schools in the Gaza strip. Hamas uses schoolchildren as human shields. This enemy that we fight for many years, the enemy committing a double war crime. He deliberately attacks innocent civilians, hiding behind the children. On Friday, I instructed the Director General of the foreign Ministry to file a formal protest against the actions of Hamas in the UN security Council.
«Last week I met with the permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley. I told her that it was time that the United Nations has considered the desirability of the continued existence of UNRWA.

The number of refugees since the Second world war tens of millions of people. They engaged in the Office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees. But for Palestinian refugees, the majority of which (almost all), have permanent residence, created a separate office called UNRWA. The Agency’s offices are active incitement against Israel. Because, to a large extent the existence of UNRWA and, unfortunately, its activities are aimed to demonstrate to the Palestinian refugee problem, not its solution, it is time to abolish it as a separate unit and to transfer its functions to the Office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees».

Netanyahu demanded to abolish UNRWA 11.06.2017

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