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Netanyahu denied publication in the WSJ that Israel is helping Assad’s opponents

During a visit to the hospital «Ziv», Safed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has denied the allegation contained in the publication of the Wall Street Journal, that supposedly Israel is secretly helping Assad’s opponents.

«We do not interfere in this bloody conflict, but we provide humanitarian assistance to boys and girls from Syria» — quoted by Benjamin Netanyahu’s website

Netanyahu also reminded that more than a thousand wounded from Syria have received medical care in Israel. According to the head of the government, the Syrians treated in Israel, better understand who is their enemy. They understand that the region is not threatened by the Jewish state in which there are Jews and non-Jews, Druze, Arab Christians, Muslims and Bedouins.

On 19 June, the Wall Street Journal, citing sources in the Syrian opposition reported that Israel has for several years been secretly supporting the opponents of the regime substantial support, including financial.

The purpose of this policy, according to the publication, to create a buffer zone where there are friendly to Israel of the militia. The WSJ argues that the responsibility for the implementation of the decisions of the authorities responsible, the IDF is engaged in a specially created army unit.

The publication said that Israel transfers to the rebels the means used as to pay militia salaries and procurement of military equipment and weapons. In addition, and provided humanitarian aid, as it was known before.

The article also mentioned that Israel provides medical aid to the wounded. However, the article argued that a considerable part of those who are provided medical assistance to the militants.

Netanyahu denied publication in the WSJ that Israel is helping Assad’s opponents 20.06.2017

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