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Netanyahu gathered the Ministers near the wailing Wall

Sunday, may 28, held the weekly government meeting. Opening the meeting, which took place in the tunnel located in the underground part of the Western Wall, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said:

«In honor of the 50th anniversary of the liberation and unification of Jerusalem, we conduct a Cabinet meeting here in the tunnels of the Kotel. On this place king Solomon built the First Temple. At this place returning from the Babylonian exile built the Second Temple. After the destruction of the Second Temple for many generations, this place was the center of the aspirations of our people. Passed Millennium, the people of Israel returned to their country, founded our nation and has built our United capital. The government will take a number of decisions that will continue to fortify Jerusalem. We will increase the budget five-year programme for the development of Jerusalem. We will carry out an unusual tourism project – will build the cable car from the old train station to Trash the Old town gates. We will develop the Old town, we will improve the health care system, social security, education and culture in Jerusalem.
I want to thank the Ministers and their Ministry for their support of this program. It will enhance this already beautiful city.»

At the end of the government meeting the students of Jerusalem schools presented to the Prime Minister, the first fruits of the harvest to Shavuot.

Netanyahu gathered the Ministers near the wailing Wall 28.05.2017

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