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Netanyahu in Paris: «Your struggle is our struggle, we are protecting civilization»

Sunday, July 16, the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu met with President of France Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace in Paris, and took part in a mourning ceremony dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the deportation of the Jews of Paris to the death camps.

Recall that in July 1942, French police arrested 13,000 Jews, including many children. They were kept four days in the stadium Vélodrome d’hiver in horrific conditions, then sent to the death camp Auschwitz. Only a few hundred of them remained alive.

Among the hundreds present was 92-year-old native of Strasbourg Noah Kliger Holocaust survivors. He arrived at the ceremony at the personal invitation of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

In the beginning of the speech, the Israeli leader addressed Him in French: «Mr. President, I do not speak very well in French, but here in Paris, I would like to say a few words in your language which was the mother tongue of thousands of Jews, whose memory we honor today.

Invitation to review them together is a powerful gesture, which is a Testament to the deep and longstanding friendship between the French and the Israelis. I sincerely thank you, Mr. President, of France and the French people.»

Then Prime Minister Netanyahu continued with his speech in English: «Mr. President, two days ago in nice you have described the situation today is a war of civilizations. I agree with you completely. Radical Islamists, Shia extremists led by Iran and Sunni extremists led by ISIS, seek to destroy our civilization, destroy the us and Europe.

It is quite clear to anyone who hears what they say, they preach, they teach their followers and their children. They seek to subdue, to expose oppression, to enslave, and ultimately destroy European civilization.

Israel is only the first of their goals. We are not the reason for their hatred, on the contrary – they hate Israel because of the West, because they rightly see Israel as an Outpost of our common values: freedom, humanity, democracy.

They are trying to destroy us, but also trying to destroy you, and since France is the leading world derjavi democracy, not bypass it. In nice, Paris and in other cities of the barbaric terror slaughtered French citizens. They attack on French Jews in Toulouse and Paris, and recently killed Sara Halimi.

Mr. President, you have courage and dignity to confront the terrorist plague. You openly condemn anti-Semitism and to fight with him, you condemn the fanaticism that seeks to destroy our world, and fight with him.
I was deeply impressed that his first visit outside of France you have committed in Mali, where this cancer is trying to eat the heart of Africa and then spread to other countries.

Mr. President, your struggle is our struggle. Fanatics of radical Islam who seek to destroy you, seek to destroy us. We must face them together and overcome them together, the memory of those who were there and destroyed in the name of future generations. Let us ensure the victory of values of freedom, equality and fraternity. Let’s remember the past and ensure the future».

In reply macron urged to revive the peace process, which should result in the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, and promised to do for this purpose «all the best», writes the news Agency AP.

The French leader also condemned the attack on the Temple mount, which killed two police officers. He claimed that he is concerned about the security of Israel and settlement expansion, allegedly threatening her.

Him and Netanyahu discussed the situation in Syria and in the world and promised to strengthen bilateral economic cooperation.

Netanyahu in Paris: «Your struggle is our struggle, we are protecting civilization» 16.07.2017

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