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Netanyahu met with the head of the red cross: «You can return from Gaza kidnapped Israelis»

Wednesday, September 6, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met in Jerusalem with the head of the red cross Peter Maurer and discussed the issue of soldiers and civilians in the Gas.

Netanyahu said Maurer: «We believe the relationship between the Red Cross and Israel is very honest and open, I think they are very important for the red cross, and for Israel and for the world. I must say that you have arrived at a time when we are faced with intolerable cruelty, when held the bodies of our dead soldiers, and not even given any information about them. And, equally important, there are helpless, innocent citizens held in Gaza, which you wanted to see, and we were asked to provide information about them, but was refused. They are held in isolation in harsh conditions. I appreciate any assistance in this humanitarian work, given the brutality of Hamas.
I am convinced that you can return to Israel the bodies of our soldiers, and our defenseless, innocent people held by Hamas in violation of all international norms and values, which is your organization.

The head of the red cross said the Prime Minister: «We have been working in the region, this is one of the longest operations in which we participated. We are guided by the norms of international law, but also our task is to find practical ways of helping people, and I look forward to the opportunity to solve some of the complex problems we all face today, and see how Red Cross can help in solving one or another of them.»

Netanyahu met with the head of the red cross: «You can return from Gaza kidnapped Israelis» 07.09.2017

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