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Netanyahu promised that Likud’s 40 mandates

In the exhibition center «Ganey Taaruha» in tel Aviv held a festive event of the party «Likud», dedicated to the upcoming Passover holiday. According to the organizers, it was attended by about two thousand people who came to Express their support to Netanyahu. More than two thousand Internet users watched the live broadcast of the speech of the head of «Likud», which was conducted on the Facebook platform.

The event was attended by Ministers and Knesset members, party activists and leaders of the regional offices.

Netanyahu thanked all who came to support him. He said people often ask him about «where he gets the strength to deal with all these nonsense?». And answered this question: «You give me strength. And also knowing that the party «Likud» is the correct way, over and over again for winning the elections».

Netanyahu recalled that the last time speaking in «Ganey Taaruha» he said Likud in the elections will get 30 mandates. According to him, he was wrong, and in the next election his party will get 40 seats. «We will govern for many years,» he promised.

Netanyahu also noted that support for the Likud among Israelis is growing, as people see the progress in the development of the country and realize that it is a credit to the current government.

Benjamin Netanyahu, as in the past his speech at a party event in «Ganey Taaruha», has fallen with attacks against «the left and the press», which, according to him, using all possible methods to remove him from power. According to Netanyahu, the left and the press are pinning their hopes on police investigations, knowing that in the elections the Likud party did not win. «Many see this and realize that the media are conducting a witch hunt,» said Netanyahu.

Commenting on the ongoing investigation against him, Netanyahu reiterated the phrase that spoke to this said many times: «Nothing will happen, because nothing happened.»

Netanyahu promised that Likud’s 40 mandates 23.03.2018

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