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Netanyahu strongly condemned the adherents of the «Neturei Karta», who burned an effigy of a soldier

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during Sunday’s Cabinet meeting commented on the actions of the ultra-Orthodox community of Jerusalem during the holiday of Lag b’omer burned an effigy depicting religious Israeli soldier and the Israeli flag.

— Lag b’omer in MEA Shearim: the burning of the Israeli flag and effigies of soldiers. Photos

«Yesterday, after Shabbat in Jerusalem there were disgusting incident. Radical small group in the ultra-Orthodox society, the adherents of the «Neturei Karta», burned an effigy in the image of the IDF soldier, in uniform, with an Israeli flag, their goal is to offend the religious soldiers,» said Netanyahu.

«This is a vile act, –said the head of government. – IDF soldiers protect all of us, including the ultra-Orthodox community, and the people who did this. I expect demand from every public leader to condemn this heinous act. And the police should identify the culprits in the incident».

Earlier, defense Minister of Israel Avigdor Lieberman issued a sharp condemnation of the incident. The press service of the Minister quotes his entry in the social network Twitter: «Burning dolls depicting IDF soldiers, is shameful and dangerous incident to which the police must be taken very seriously and uncompromising, and the head of the Orthodox community must strongly condemn it».

Condemning the actions of the ultra-Orthodox made by the leader of the party «Yesh Atid» Yair Lapid, as well as other policies. Lapid stressed that there is no problem to find and punish those responsible for these blasphemous actions.

In the night of Sunday, may 14, in the Jerusalem neighborhood of MEA Shearim, the ultra-Orthodox group during campfires due to the coming holiday of Lag BA-Omer threw into the fire a doll depicting a soldier, the ultra-Orthodox. People directly burn the doll, hid the face. Watching the burning, among whom were minors, their faces are not hidden. Were also burned an Israeli flag. And the flag of Israel burned children.

Netanyahu strongly condemned the adherents of the «Neturei Karta», who burned an effigy of a soldier 14.05.2017

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