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«Netanyahu’s plan»: for 4 years helping the disabled will increase by 4 billion shekels a year

On Tuesday, June 27, the press service of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the intention to allocate an additional NIS 4 billion over four years to the needs of persons with disabilities.

This information came shortly after a series of protests of people with disabilities who demanded higher benefits.

Previously, the Commission Yaron’s Salihi recommended to increase the allowance in several stages to 4 thousand shekels a month, and the Commission, AVI Simhon – up to 3200 NIS a month. Disabled people demanded to equate the allowance to the minimum wage.

The official report said that, following consultations with the Professor AVI Simona and coalition Chairman David Bitanem, Netanyahu has studied the «report of Salihi» and decided to give a number of instructions.

«Netanyahu’s plan» presented by his press service

1. In January 2018 the benefit to people with severe disability will increase to 4,000 shekels a month. The Supplement will be of immediate assistance to the needy.

2. Beginning in January 2018, disabled recognized disability will not be below the poverty line. The goal is to immediately change the situation in which a quarter of people with disabilities were below the poverty line.

3. Over 4 years to increase the assistance to disabled persons for 4 billion shekels in the year – budget framework set by the Minister of Finance. Date of increase in budget and its allocation will be determined jointly by the Minister of Finance, Minister of welfare and head of government.

4. All benefits will be tied to the level of the minimum wage.

5. To promote employment, disability benefits will not be reduced in salary to 4,200 NIS per month.

6. Additionally: the government will allocate 100 million shekels per year for a program of subsidies for the employment of people with disabilities.

Netanyahu’s assessment, the adoption of this plan will improve the situation of persons with disabilities in Israel and will promote their employment.

«Netanyahu’s plan»: for 4 years helping the disabled will increase by 4 billion shekels a year 27.06.2017

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