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New age or premature joy. The Israeli media about the meeting, trump and Netanyahu

Thursday, February 16, Israeli media detailed comment on yesterday’s meeting of the US President Donald trump and the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

— Visit of Netanyahu in the US: the protests of the Orthodox and Pro-Palestinian activists. Photos

Columnist of the newspaper «Yediot Ahronot» and the portal Ynet, Ron Ben-Yishai wrote in the article «the key to the deal was held» that the trump and it is no coincidence that Netanyahu held a joint press conference before the start of the conversation: both leaders were keen to avoid the demonstration of differences between them, if any. According to Banesa, the idea of a regional settlement, talked about, and Netanyahu, and trump is the «beginning of the path towards the adoption of the Saudi peace initiative». Ben-Yishai also notes that the most rigid position of the American President is on the issue of Iran, and at the same time, he refrained from giving any particular promise of the Prime Minister of Israel.

Boaz Bismuth published in the newspaper «Israel a-Yom» article titled «trump is good for the Jews». According to the Bismuth joint press conference with trump and Netanyahu was a turning point in relations between Israel and the United States. «The idea of two States for two peoples as the only model of settlement, multilateral negotiations, road map, anti-Israel international initiatives, the threat of sanctions, accusing finger in the direction of the settlements – all of this at one point became irrelevant or at least secondary,» writes Bismuth. According to Bismuth, with the change of approach of the American President change and possible models of settlement, new opportunities that did not exist previously.

Barak Ravid was published in the newspaper «Haaretz» an article titled «the darkness, the contradictions and the deal that no one understands». According to Ravid, joint press conference of Netanyahu and trump has shown that the amount of knowledge of the American President on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to put it mildly, limited. Ravid writes that for the first time an American President has pushed aside the model of two States for two peoples and said he was ready to adopt the model of a single Jewish-Arab state. «It’s almost anti-Zionism. Many Palestinians who prefer such a development, were happy tonight, Ben Gurion, Jabotinsky and Rabbi Kook over in his grave,» writes Ravid. He notes that it is unknown to what extent Tram p was aware of the meanings and the consequences of his own proposals.

Ben Caspian the newspaper «Maariv a-Shavua» publishes an article entitled «Nobody knows what they really want trump.» According to Caspit currently too early to draw conclusions, early to rejoice or be upset. «We are still very far from answering the question with whom and in what direction will trump». The commentator rejects the allegations that the White house was historic and groundbreaking. «The Israeli right, there are many reasons for concern,» writes Kuspit, referring to trump’s demand to reduce the activity of construction in the settlements and his word that he committed to the deal between Israel and the Palestinian authority.

Political commentator of the NRG website and the newspaper «Makor Rishon» Ariel Kaan published an article called «the Logic back to Washington.» According to Kaan, a new era in relations between Israel and the United States. «The American President announced the construction of a new Amun, but what he said is enough to understand the scale of the changes which have brought about his election,» writes Kaan.

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New age or premature joy. The Israeli media about the meeting, trump and Netanyahu 16.02.2017

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