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New Israeli submarine «Rahab» left Kiel and headed to Haifa

Thursday, December 17, a new submarine of the Israeli Navy «Rahab» (Sea monster) left the German port of Kiel and went to the naval base in Haifa. Its arrival is expected in about a month.

New member of the family «dolphins», which received the name «Rahab», will join the «Dolphin», «Leviathan» (whale), «Tkuma» («Revival») and «Tanin» (Alligator). «Rahab» – another Israeli submarine, named after the biblical sea of monsters (like «Leviathan» and «Tannin», and these names Israeli submarines wore in the past).

In 2017, the year Israel should get the sixth German class submarine «Dolphin».

Parameters «Rahab» is one of the most modern submarines in the world. This sub, like «Tannin», has a new combined diesel and electric engine, developed specially by Israeli order and allows to significantly increase the time spent under water, as well as other technological innovations.

According to foreign media reports, the Dolphins have the ability of launching missiles with a nuclear warhead.

The output of the fifth submarine of the Navy of Germany to Israel
Added: 12/17/15 11:30 am
The fifth submarine of the Navy, ins wide, came from Kiel, Germany at the naval base in Haifa and will arrive in Israel in about a month at a distance of about 3000 miles.
New underwater, as well as the fourth submarine ins Tanin, stop on the way to Haifa ins Dakar the crash site near Crete and memorial ceremony will be held in Dakar.

New Israeli submarine «Rahab» left Kiel and headed to Haifa 17.12.2015

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