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New «star» of the IDF: updated UAV Hermes 900

Wednesday, August 23, many Israeli media reported that the new drone Hermes 900 «kokhav» (updated with new on-Board systems manufacturer Elbit) fully entered service with the IDF air force.

In particular, the reporting on this issue was published on 2-m and 10-m channels.

At the heart of all these stories the official press release issued by the Israel defense forces.

The process of transferring the Hermes 900 service in the Israeli army was started in the summer of 2014, during anti-terrorist operation «Indestructible rock». According to the published information, this UAV was first tested in combat on 15 July 2014. What task was set was not reported.

Officers working with the Hermes 900, said the 10-th channel, compared to the predecessor (Hermes 450) capabilities of this UAV can be evaluated as «quantum leap», given its military capabilities, a wide range of payloads and sensors, as well as other parameters.

Hermes 900 «Star» is an all-weather tactical unmanned aerial vehicle developed by the Israeli company Elbit Systems. The first flight was made in December 2009. Serial production is conducted in Israel since mid-2010.

The UAV is equipped with a satellite communication system optical-electronic surveillance systems, radar with synthetic aperture, the radar display moving targets, infrared sensors, laser designator-rangefinder, electronic warfare, and data exchange system, allowing to transmit to the control center the image in real-time. Drone has a modular design that allows you to quickly change the basic components and sensors of the UAV. Operator controls via satellite from ground control.

Hermes 900 has high range and is designed for surveillance, patrolling from the air, intelligence. As an option it is possible to equip the apparatus strike complexes.

Digital control system with two-way data transmission system is carried out using a universal ground station, the same for all Hermes UAV family. Thus, thanks to the unification, one operator can control the flight all models of Hermes UAVs. The device is equally well able to patrol the land border and the sea.

Capable of flying at altitudes of up to nine thousand feet and carry a payload weighing up to 350 pounds.

The Israeli air force acquired its first UAV Hermes 900 in may 2010, was then carried out evaluation tests. In September 2011, the Israeli defense Ministry has completed the testing and it was decided to purchase the next batch of Hermes 900 in 2012. In real combat conditions tested in Gaza in July 2014.

Foreign media as the next country in the number of customers Hermes 900: Azerbaijan, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Switzerland.

New «star» of the IDF: updated UAV Hermes 900 23.08.2017

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