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New traffic rules in Germany, equate carnival mask to nikabu

On Friday, September 22, representation of the Federal States of Germany took a number of important additions to the traffic rules, reports Deutsche Welle.

Under the new rules, it is impossible in Germany to get behind the wheel, wearing a carnival mask, a respirator or some Muslim headwear
(in particular, the niqab and the burqa) that covers his face. For violation faces a fine of EUR 60.

The adoption of this measure is justified by the fact that the driver’s face must be recognizable when you commit on the radar. This prohibition applies in equal measure throughout Germany. In other cases, the issues of the wearing of Muslim headscarves are in the competence of the Federal States.

We will remind, on April 28 this year, the Federal Assembly of Germany (Bundestag) approved a bill banning the wearing of completely covering the body and face of Muslim clothing.

And in August 2016 at the conference of the Ministers of the interior at Federal and land interior Ministers of Germany decided to ban wearing clothing that completely covers the face in public organizations, institutions and schools, and in October it was reported that the German government is preparing a bill banning state officials to wear a fully face-covering headgear.

The ban on wearing the burqa in public areas at the legislative level, acts in several European countries. The wearing of the burqa in France is punishable by a fine of EUR 150. Restrictions on the wearing of the veil on the face also operates in Belgium and the Netherlands. In the Italian-speaking Swiss Canton of Ticino in July 2016 after adoption of the law prohibiting the wearing of religious clothing that completely covers the face, also prescribe penalties for the emergence of burkas in public. The European court of human rights considered the ban legitimate. Introduced such restrictions in Austria.

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New traffic rules in Germany, equate carnival mask to nikabu 23.09.2017

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