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New video of ISIS: children kill prisoners

Terrorist group «Islamic state» has released a new video of the massacre of the prisoners, supposed – Kurdish militias. This time in the execution of the participation of children, including very young.

The recording was made in an abandoned amusement Park, presumably in Iraq. Children dressed in camouflage and typical IG black clothes. The boy aged about ten years decapitates one militiaman with a knife, and the kid is three years shoots the other with his eyes closed.

Note that the first video showing how children kill the prisoners, was published by the jihadists in August 2016. In the role of killers made five boys who, at the request of the IG, came from different countries — the Tunisian, Uzbek, British, Egyptian, and Kurd.

December 23 was circulated recording the massacre of prisoners by Turkish soldiers. They were shackled, put in an iron cage and burned. Before the killing, the terrorist ISIS, speaking in Turkish, said that ISIS is willing to destroy Turkey.

New video of ISIS: children kill prisoners 10.01.2017

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