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New year in outdoor dress: get rid of bulky and flabby arms now

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Admit it, you, too have begun to wonder how, and most importantly, how to celebrate New year. If, contemplating the outfits you mentally prefer dresses and blouses with long or ¾ sleeves, although know in advance that it will be hot and uncomfortable, then you are also trying to hide these hated — swollen with fat, saggy and flabby upper arms.

If the presence of this aesthetic defect you will choose a sleeveless dress, then surely will try to use the remaining holiday time to urgently go on a diet and exercise. That’s just diet can lead to the opposite result when the hands droop even more. And special exercises for hands, you in a wide variety of find online, fit only for those who have there is only a small sagging of the skin. And for those suffering from bulky, bloated with fat hands and not bring any visible effect.

And now, after almost two months on efforts that ultimately will not bring the desired result, you may be on the verge of the holiday without any idea what to meet him, and even in a bad mood.

Meanwhile, if the problem with swollen fat and flabby saggy arms you do what is called a get, you should pay attention to the procedure which will save you from this defect immediately! This procedure is Body Tite to the upper parts of the hands.

Session correction method Body Tite is carried out under local anesthesia procedure performed by a surgeon, an instructor of the international class from INVASIX (company-maker of the apparatus Body Tite) – Dr. Anne Gurevich, having experience with thousands of patients.

In fact, the procedure lasts no more than 2 hours. IMPORTANT – requires only 1 procedure, during which not only removes excess fat, but also destroy the fat cells themselves! Thus, in this area of the body fat more simply can not be formed. In parallel with the elimination of excess volumes is a powerful skin tightening that immediately gets your hands in a normal shape. In the end, immediately after the procedure you can return to normal life, but with delicate hands and lovely mood!

Here are the changes that are happening with your arms and shoulders during and after just one treatment:

• excess fat is removed;

• volumes are significantly reduced;

• shape upper arms is corrected;

• the skin is tightened and toned.

Within a few weeks after the procedure, its effects will continue to grow and consolidate, and the New year you will get a beautiful and slender hands, with which you can wear any – even the most open dress.

For more information and set up an appointment with Dr. Anne Gurevich call: 050-3361999 or use our contact form.

The Russian page of the Clinic, Dr. Anne Gurevich on Facebook.

New year in outdoor dress: get rid of bulky and flabby arms now 30.10.2017

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