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New year’s storm in Israel: an updated forecast of the weather

According to an updated forecast of the meteorological service of Israel, at night the weather worsens and the rains will intensify. On Friday, January 1, the storm will reach its peak: heavy snow expected on mount Hermon and other peaks of the Golan heights and the Upper Galilee. The city of Safed, after reviewing the weather forecasts, have cancelled classes in all educational institutions of the city. On the evening of 31 December, it was the only city, which canceled classes because of bad weather.

Ski resort on mount Hermon, where the snow began the night of December 31, is closed and will not work all weekend.

1 January, it can snow in Jerusalem. Even on the morning of December 31, meteorologists recommended the city hall to prepare for serious snowfall and snow cover can last a few hours, but by evening the weather service was more cautious in their forecasts. Now forecasters suggest the possibility of light snowfall on Friday.

During the day on January 1, rains from the Golan to the Negev, a strong wind. Storm on the coast of the Mediterranean sea (wave height up to 8 meters).

There is a threat of floods in the lowlands throughout the country. Because of strong winds and falling trees can be caused by damage to the power supply system and other infrastructures.

Saturday will be cold, weak rains. Sunday will remain cool weather, snow is expected on the Golan, the rest of the country — weak rains.

On Monday, the temperature becomes a little higher, the rain will stop. In the next week will be cool, partly cloudy weather without precipitation.

The press service of the «Israel Power» reported that after reviewing the weather forecast for the end of the week the company started preparation to the upcoming storm, and, in particular, has increased the number of emergency teams involved in the Troubleshooting. In the district of Safed, to the settlements on the Golan heights, as well as in the Jerusalem area in case of interruption of power supply delivered to power generators. Increased the number of emergency operators 103, taking calls from the public. In «Israel Power» stress that in spite of ongoing training, in the storm it is impossible to avoid damage and breakages of the lines, in these cases, employees are asked citizens to follow safety rules.

The worsening weather was also prepared, and the Israel police: the law enforcement agencies increase the number of operators serving the emergency call phones 100 and 110, and make the duty additional police on main urban and interurban roads.

In the municipality of Jerusalem set up a headquarters for emergency situations. The municipality appealed to residents of the capital with a request to charge the batteries in emergency lighting in case of lack of electricity supply.

Residents are advised to remove from balconies and roofs of objects that can be blown by the wind, and to check the reliability of fastening the blinds on the Windows. You should also make sure that the doors and Windows in houses closed tightly and not clogged waste pipe. During a storm on the streets of the city will be on duty special brigade of the city hall, ready to assist residents in case of emergency.

In a heightened state of readiness is given and the ambulance service «Magen David Adom», and other rescue services. To assist in remote areas will involve a specially equipped jeeps.

Organization «Ichud Hatzalah» published December 31, an appeal to the owners of jeeps, SUVs and cars with front-wheel drive with a request to join the organization and participate in the duty during the storm. Drivers of cars with high permeability, can participate in the provision of emergency assistance to other drivers who are in a difficult situation on the roads due to the snow expected in Northern parts of the country and Jerusalem.

In the past winter season had a few «snow storms». The most intense snow, including in Jerusalem, was observed on 7 January and 19-20 February.

— The third snow storm in winter 2015. Photo

The most snowy winter in Israel

The winter 2015 season, by Israeli standards, was rich in snow. But «the snow» in the last decade were winter storms in December 2013 and in January of 2013, when snow fell even in the coastal areas of the center of the country, and snow in Jerusalem were kept for about a week. Before the «snowiest» for the past 20 years forecasters called the winter season 2011-2012.

One day snow fell in Jerusalem, and in the second half of March. On the morning of 17 March 1998 in the capital was dust storm, the air temperature was over 20 degrees Celsius, during the day rain, evening snow fell on the morning of 18 March and the Jerusalemites were snowdrifts on the streets.

The most snow in the history of Israel is considered to be February 1950, when the snow in the next few days were not only covered the North and the hills in the Jerusalem area, but almost the entire country, including tel Aviv.

New year’s storm in Israel: an updated forecast of the weather 31.12.2015

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