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New York Times: the United States was preparing a global cyber attack on Iran

In the first years of the Obama administration (which took office as U.S. President in January 2009) U.S. intelligence plan was developed for global cyber attacks on Iran codenamed «Nitro Zeus» (Zeus Nitro), write David Sanger and mark Mazzetti in The New York Times.

The implementation of this plan would allow him to neutralize the air defense system, Iranian military to block all telecommunications facilities and destroy key elements of the electricity system of the country. In addition, the hackers were supposed to stop the operation of the plant for uranium enrichment Fordow.

The USA were ready for the cyber-attack against Iran in case negotiations on the nuclear programme of the Islamic Republic was not crowned with success. But last summer, on the background of the agreements reached with Tehran, the White house suspended this plan.

New York Times writes that the plan «Nitro Zeus» would have required the participation of thousands of employees of intelligence services and the Pentagon.

Global cyber attack was presented to the US administration one of the possible alternatives to full-scale war against Iran. The publication notes that in 2009-2010, the Washington seriously feared that Israel would launch a pre-emptive strike on Iran.

The plan now «Nitro Zeus» declassified. Tuesday, February 17, at the international film festival in Berlin will show the documentary film «Zero day» (Zero Days) directed by Alex Gibney, which tells about this plan.

New York Times: the United States was preparing a global cyber attack on Iran 17.02.2016

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