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New York Times: U.S. Secretary of defense used personal email for official correspondence

The U.S. Secretary of defense Ashton Carter one time use personal email for official purposes, in the same way, as did Hillary Clinton in his tenure as Secretary of state, writes The New York Times.

According to the publication, Carter has used personal email for official correspondence, at least within two months after in March it was revealed that Clinton had conducted official correspondence through your own email server.

The newspaper cites an official statement by the press Secretary of the Pentagon, Peter cook, according to whom the head of the defense Ministry acknowledges that the use of personal mail was a mistake. The spokesperson added that Carter «has discontinued the use of your personal crate for such purposes, and restricts the use of email in General.»

The scandal over the negligent attitude to the secret correspondence of the former Secretary of state and likely Democratic candidate for President Hillary Clinton flared up this week after the Fox News channel has published the information that she received personal mail at least two letters containing the information which has been given the highest degree of secrecy. The editors of Fox News, citing its own sources claims that this is the conclusion of the staff of the Central intelligence Agency and National geospatial-intelligence Agency, other features of these two Epistles, writes TASS. In one of the secret messages it was about the movement of missiles by the DPRK, in another of the attacks using drones. To date, the degree of confidentiality of information in one of the letters was reduced to the same level they are now regarded as secret information in the second message still classified as top secret. Exactly who sent to the mailbox Clinton these materials, not specified yet.

Scandal using Hillary Clinton’s personal email accounts for official correspondence began in March of this year. Clinton hastened to declare that there were no secret materials. After that, the state Department began to look over 55,000 pages of emails to find out if there is sensitive data.

In September, Clinton apologized for the use of a private email server at her home in new York for official correspondence. But she still insisted that secret messages to a personal email was not received.

New York Times: U.S. Secretary of defense used personal email for official correspondence 17.12.2015

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