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Newly-minted Russian citizen Anatoly Wasserman intends to run for the Duma

Famous Scrabble Anatoly Wasserman, who last week, President Vladimir Putin has granted Russian citizenship, intends to run for the state Duma from «United agro-industrial party» headed by ex-Vice-Premier Alexander rutskim.

About Odessa Wasserman, winner of many intellectual games, a former computer programmer, now a publicist, political scientist and broadcaster, said in an interview with radio station «Moscow speaking».

«While I have insufficient experience of formal politics, but we’ll see. In the independents did not dare to go – it needs huge preparatory work, now I alone will not pull,» Russian media quoted Wasserman

«United agro-industrial party» has already declared intention to participate in the state Duma elections in 2016 and, in the case of passing to the Parliament, lobby the adoption of laws «in the field of agriculture and industry,» the site notes

Recall that on 18 September 2015, the security Service of Ukraine launched an investigation against Anatoly Wasserman on charges of separatism and inciting ethnic hatred. At the request of the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the faction «Block of Petro Poroshenko» Alexey Goncharenko, the Investigative Committee of the SBU opened a criminal case under part 2 article 110 (separatism) of the Criminal code of Ukraine against Wasserman. He is charged with distribution for 2015 of materials containing the calls to change the borders and territory of Ukraine, combined with inciting ethnic hatred.

In response, Wasserman said: «I am very happy that my services to the Russian people as a whole, and that part of it which is now called Ukrainian, in particular, recognized as such an official way. I really oppose the state sovereignty of Ukraine, and find it impossible to separate that part of Russia from the rest of its parts. If I will be deprived of Ukrainian citizenship, I will probably give the Russian citizenship, where I have been working for 20 years», – quotes the newly-minted Russian citizen website «Wikipedia».

Wasserman, who calls himself a Marxist and a Stalinist, welcomes the accession of Ukraine to Russia. He repeatedly stated that he considers the Ukrainian and Belarusian languages by Russian dialects, not separate languages, is convinced that «Ukraine is an integral part of Russia», and dangerous for all its citizens as an independent state.

The latter-day Russia stands for the abolition of pensions and considers that the universal provision of pensions — one of the main sources of demographic crisis. He also criticizes the international policy of the United States, accusing Washington of involvement in the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Newly-minted Russian citizen Anatoly Wasserman intends to run for the Duma 01.02.2016

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