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Newsweek: Iran told US to get out of Syria

Iran has made it clear that the United States should withdraw troops from Syria and to stop the operation, according to Newsweek journalist Tom O’connor.

Ali Akbar Velayati, foreign policy adviser to the Supreme leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said: «Iran is in Syria is legitimate, based on the invitation of the Syrian government. Syria should leave those who do not have the permission of the Syrian authorities.»

These comments followed the words of U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson that he is «extremely concerned» about Saturday’s incident when, according to Israel, the Iranian UAV invaded its air space. Israel shot down the unit and made air raids near Damascus, Syria using air defense systems shot down an Israeli F-16.

«I think it again demonstrates why Iran’s presence in Syria, only destabilizie the situation in the region. We believe that Iran must withdraw from Syria, its armed forces and the militia and allow the hope for the peace process to get stronger in Geneva,» said Tillerson.

«The US and Iran supported the campaign against the militant group Islamic state in Iraq and Syria, but the announcement from both countries the victory over IG tensions escalated», – stated in the article.

«A violent clash between Israel and Syria on Saturday coincided with the bloody clash between US-led coalition against ISIS and Syrian Pro-government forces are also fighting with ISIS in the Eastern province of dir al-Zur. The coalition led by the USA destroyed T-72 Russian-made tanks were killed,» reports O’connor.

Commander of US air forces in the middle East, Lieutenant General Jeffrey Harrigan stated that the tank began to fire at the positions of the «Syrian democratic forces» – consisting mainly of Kurdish groups, supported by the Pentagon after it was bombed by an American drone.

The incident occurred just a few days after another «unprovoked attack» on the «Syrian democratic forces,» when the victims of the coalition began to hundreds of government military, said the reporter.

«Different sources gave different estimates of the numbers of victims among which, as believed, were citizens of the Russian private military company. However, Russia and Syria have denied the version of the United States, and one Moscow Senator said on «unprecedented act of aggression», – stated in the article.

Newsweek: Iran told US to get out of Syria 15.02.2018

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