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Newsweek: the Next war between Israel and Hizbullah will begin before the end of the summer?

«Since 2012, Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite organization supported by Iran, is fighting alongside Syrian President Assad against the rebel and extremist groups,» writes the correspondent of Newsweek Sulome Anderson. According to the newspaper, thanks to the war in Syria, Hizbullah have grown stronger and bolder, «acquired skills and experience, as well as an impressive Arsenal of weapons, thanks to Iran, Assad and Russia.»

But, according to the author, the power of «Hezbollah» may be short-lived due to renewed tensions with Israel. The soldiers and officials of Hizbullah say that recently moved his troops from Syria to the southern border of Lebanon, fearing that their enemy is preparing for a new conflict in the place. «And the US several times over the last few months attacked targets «Hezbollah» in Syria that prompted the group’s leader Hassan Nasrallah to warn about the attacks in retaliation if America will continue to invade the territory held by Hizbullah in the country», – stated in the article.

«In addition, tensions resumed at a time when Hezbollah is also helping Shiite militias to fight ISIS in Iraq. So, if war breaks out with Israel and last time she broke out in 2006 – that the Lebanese «Party of God» may soon be actively engaged on three fronts – and risk losing all that was gained, helping the Assad regime,» – the newspaper writes. The political scientist Hilal Khashan (American University Beirut) formulates: «If Israel wants to start a full-scale war, Hizbullah will have no chance.»

To contrast the newspaper cites an interview with two of the commanders of Hizbullah, taken in the Beirut suburb of Dahiya. «One officer of high rank, the other his Deputy,» – the newspaper writes. «Since we came to Syria, we have become much stronger, says the older officer. – What is the «Hezbollah» before? We were defenders. And now we have learned to strike an offensive attack».

«Now Hizbullah has weapons that we never dreamed of, – proudly says his Deputy. – When Syria lived in peace, we will never be able to obtain such weapons, moreover at such low prices.»

According to some estimates, in 2016 at «Hezbollah» there were 20 thousand soldiers of the army and 25 thousand reservists. «Hezbollah» is the most persistent, the most skillful in the military sub-state actor, which ever knew the world, period,» says Bilal Saab (Atlantic Council, Washington).

According to Israel, Hizbullah 120 thousand rockets ready for use in case of war. Improved system of tunnels in the South, Hezbollah claims that some of the tunnels lead into Israel.

«War with Israel /…/ will change the entire middle East, predicts the commander of the older of Dahii. – Fight will be all. Women and children take knives /…/ We held our missiles «Bakran-1″ as a secret weapon to use against the Israelis, but then we had to use them in Syria, and now the Israelis know that we have them. Imagine: in one hour we can run 4 thousand missiles. We may enter into Israeli territory on cross-country vehicles, armed drones, on motorcycles. They don’t even know how we can hit their gas infrastructure. We have a missile defense. [Israeli] planes will take off from the airport and will immediately explode.»

However, some experts say, even if Hezbollah is now fighting in Syria and Iraq, Israel still would have over it a significant advantage. He also increased his Arsenal, and also got the newest missile systems such as «Iron dome».

The publication says: the condition of mutual deterrence in the confrontation between Israel and Hizbullah may continue.

However, an unnamed «official» of «Hezbollah» in southern Lebanon, predicts that the war will begin before the end of the summer.

Newsweek: the Next war between Israel and Hizbullah will begin before the end of the summer? 05.07.2017

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