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Nicolas Maduro, the son of the President of Venezuela, is threatening «to take the White house»

The son of Venezuelan dictator, whose domestic policy is based on confrontation of the United States, who allegedly want to seize his country and take advantage of its oil fields, the American leader threatens retaliation if he used force.

Previously, Donald trump did not rule out the use of force against the Latin American country, the authorities of which use the populist anti-American rhetoric to justify the squalid living conditions of its citizens.

Last week, U.S. President Donald trump made the possibility of military action in Venezuela. «The people there suffer and die. We have many different options in relation to Venezuela. The military option is one of them if the situation demands», he said on 11 August, during a conversation with journalists at the Golf club of new Jersey.

Nicolas Maduro, Jr., said that at a time when American troops are attacked in Venezuela, «in new York will arrive guns» of his countrymen, writes in the Sunday, August 13, the news Agency Reuters.

«Mind your own business and solve their problems, Mr. trump! If you attack Venezuela, our guns will arrive in new York, and we will seize the White house» – leads edition of the words of Maduro, Jr.

Recall. that last Saturday in Caracas held a protest against the regime of Maduro. The authorities used force against demonstrators, but cost Les victims. Only since April this year, more than 120 people were killed during the riots, and the economic crisis in the country continues to worsen – it came to shortage of food and medicine.

Nicolas Maduro, the son of the President of Venezuela, is threatening «to take the White house»

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