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Nicolas Maduro: «the Venezuelans are the Jews of the XXI century, persecuted by the Nazis»

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro likened the prosecution who allegedly exposed government officials of his country and their families abroad? with the attitude of the Nazis toward the Jews during the Holocaust.

This statement was made on Tuesday in the Cabinet meeting that was broadcast television, writes 18 may, the Jewish news Agency JTA.

«We’re the new Jews of the XXI century, persecuted by Hitler. We don’t wear yellow stars, we wear the red hearts filled with the desire to fight for human dignity. And we will win, these Nazis of the XXI century», – quotes the edition a fiery speech Maduro.

Note that the opponents of the regime Maduro, who call him a dictator for refusing to hold elections and the intention to revise the Constitution, organize daily demonstrations degenerating into riots, which killed at least 40 people.

Social network publishing a video in which immigrants from Venezuela shout insults to government officials and members of their families.

In March of this year, the head of the Venezuelan foreign Minister, Delcy Rodriguez appealed to the chief Rabbi of the country Isaac Cohen to help him to establish relations with Israel – eight years later, after there were expelled the Israeli Ambassador.

Last month, Maduro invited Cohen and representatives of the local Jewish community from the organization Confederacion de Asociaciones Israelitas de Venezuela to his residence and asked them to build spoiled the relations and strengthen cooperation.

Recall that a week earlier, the U.S. banned entry into the country, Vice-President of Venezuela, Tariq al-Asami, who is accused of involvement in international drug trafficking, and anti-Semitism and ties with Iran and Hizbullah.

Currently living in Venezuela 9.000 Jews, while in 1999, the Jewish community numbered 25,000 members. Most of the local Jews fled the country due to the difficult economic and social situation, anti-Semitism and settled in Israel and Florida.

Nicolas Maduro: «the Venezuelans are the Jews of the XXI century, persecuted by the Nazis» 18.05.2017

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