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Night Bitana and Netanyahu. Review

Late in the evening of 9 August, in hall 1 of the exhibition complex «Ganey and Taaruha» the head of the parliamentary coalition David Bitan was surrounded by activists of «Likud» and smiled. Joy Bitana was obvious and natural: the event is in support of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu initiated and organized Bitanem, was successful.

More than two thousand, according to the head of the coalition, not less than three thousand activists of the Likud came this evening in «Ganey and Taaruha», and most importantly, the event was attended by MPs and Ministers. Many of them, perhaps, would have abstained from participation in this evening, but clearly the threats voiced Bitanem, did the trick.

«Likudnik not blind, they can see perfectly who support the Prime Minister and who is not and draw conclusions,» – said Bitan in an interview with The head of the coalition was the only one who this evening spoke from the stage in addition to the Prime Minister. He went from camera to camera, from the microphone to the microphone from journalist to journalist. All who were present this evening in the hall saw what Bitan got the position of squire of the Prime Minister. The new born king of the party apparatus.

However, the assembled activists came to tel Aviv not for Bitana. «The Likud will never abandon their leaders when the left and the media are attacking them, told Ariela levy of Ariel. Therefore, in the Likud leaders do not change every two years as in the «Labor party»».

Another activist of the Likud, who refused to give his name, said: «We’re not voting for the Likud and for Netanyahu. If tomorrow the party will be headed by Yisrael Katz or Gideon Saar, I did not vote for the Likud, and many of my friends do not vote. But this will not happen, Netanyahu will remain in power for many years to keep you, the journalists.»

Motive media as the main enemy of the Likud and Binyamin Netanyahu sounded in all the conversations with the participants. «Since when in a democratic country to overthrow the Prime Minister because of headlines? Why is the media silent about violations of the law by left-wing politicians? This is not democracy but a coup,» said one of the activists.

Netanyahu told the audience what they wanted to hear. «The left and the press are one and the same», «the leaders of the Palestinians dream about my removal from power, and they know why,» «have gathered in this hall and Amon, and Dimona». Special attention was paid to Netanyahu Ehud Barak, «There is one old man with a new beard, who was briefly Prime Minister,» said Netanyahu and caused a storm of applause of the audience.

It was a policy speech, trying to rally his supporters. It was a speech which more closely resembles הם מפחדים 1999. It was the speech, for which support would be best known for the song «the Whole world is against us.»

The presence of Sarah Netanyahu, who usually refrains from attending party events, magnified the effect.

Evening in «Ganey Taaruha» was a dress rehearsal of the campaign that the Likud will deploy in the case of an indictment against Netanyahu. In response to the pressure to resign, the Prime Minister and his supporters will present a set of arguments that were heard at the event in tel Aviv. The motif of «haunting us» was very effective before the election in 2015. It is not known whether Netanyahu and his entourage to repeat the success in the case of the filing of the indictment. Will take a lot of effort to accuse Ronny of Allaha and Avia Mandelblit excessive leftism.
Opponents of Netanyahu decided to open confrontation. The activists of the disability rights movement, the protesters near the pavilion №1, are not a force in the Likud. Those in the ruling party who do not share the sentiment that prevailed in the hall, chose to stay at home. The organizers of the event, fearing scandal, heaved a sigh of relief.

In recent years, the Israeli political map has changed. It is not «a unified land of Israel» against territorial compromise, not socialists against supporters of the free market and even secular versus religious. The boundary runs towards Benjamin Netanyahu. The party «Only Netanyahu» engaged in the struggle for life and death with the party «Just not Netanyahu». Evening in «Ganey Taaruha» became a vivid illustration of this struggle.

Material prepared by political observer Gabby Wolfson

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Night Bitana and Netanyahu. Review 10.08.2017

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