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North Korea is preparing «new gift» for the United States

On the background of wide international resonance caused by Pyongyang conducted a nuclear test the North Korean Ambassador to the UN said in a speech to the Conference on disarmament that his country intends to send to the United States another «package of gifts».

About it writes on Tuesday, September 5, the news Agency Reuters.

«I’m proud to report that two days ago, September 3, North Korea successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, which can be used ballistic missiles in the framework of the plan of development of strategic nuclear weapons. The demonstration of these self-defence measures addressed to the United States and none other. Soon they will get new gifts in return for their foolish and unsuccessful provocation aimed to put pressure on my country» – leads edition of the words of the Ambassador, said at a forum in Geneva.

The representative of Korea also claimed that nuclear tests, the sixth and most powerful in history, are «restraint and justified right to self-defence» is needed to ward off «ever-growing nuclear threat by the U.S. and its hostile policy aimed at isolating North Korea.»

The Ambassador stressed that no sanctions will not force Pyongyang to abandon nuclear development, which represent a tool to deter American aggression.

US Ambassador on disarmament Robert wood said in response, North Korea once again tests the patience of the international community, and he looks forward to a new resolution of the UN security Council, which will impose on this country the most severe sanctions.

Wood stressed that the success of the DPRK’s nuclear and missile programs pose a threat to the world, and the world community is no longer willing to tolerate these destabilizing actions. «We cannot deal with this regime» – with these words he ended his speech.

North Korea is preparing «new gift» for the United States

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