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Note Einstein on happiness modest life were sold in Jerusalem for $1.5 million

Note that Einstein in 1922, has presented in Tokyo the courier instead of a tip, was sold in Jerusalem a Winner for half a million dollars, becoming the most expensive instrument ever sold at auction in Israel, reports The Guardian.

The amount for which was sold the note significantly exceeded the preliminary estimates, according to which, the autograph of Einstein had to go under the hammer for an amount between $5.000 and $8.000. The buyer is a European, who asked to remain anonymous.

The note was written in 1922, when I came to Japan with lectures Einstein learned of the awarding of the Nobel prize in physics.

The scientists stayed at the Imperial Hotel Tokyo, when it came to shooting the messenger. Perhaps the courier refused a tip, as is customary in Japan, or Einstein just was not trivia, but instead of tipping the Nobel laureate wrote to the courier two notes in German.

«If you’re lucky, these notes will be much more valuable than just a tip» — supposedly Einstein said to the courier, according to residents in Hamburg, a relative of the messenger, put a note up for auction.

A note sold for a half million, says: «a Quiet and modest life will bring more happiness than the desire for success and the accompanying throwing».

The second note sold at the same auction for 240 thousand dollars, said: «It would be a desire, and the way there.»

Note Einstein on happiness modest life were sold in Jerusalem for $1.5 million 25.10.2017

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