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«Novaya Gazeta» reported that in Chechnya, without trial, was executed 27 people

According to «Novaya Gazeta» in Chechnya on the night of 26 January 2017 were committed mass extrajudicial executions, which killed 27 people.

According to «New», some of those killed were executed in connection with homosexuality, others for unknown reasons.

According to the newspaper, 27 people were detained during raids that began after 17 December 2016. The «new» writes that the detention was not officially registered, and detainees were not charged. These people, according to the newspaper, kept in cellars and other outbuildings police stations. Just as the newspaper writes, these detainees were about 200 people.

«Novaya Gazeta», citing sources in the investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for Chechnya and the administration of the head of Chechnya wrote that, according to the most probable version, on the night of January 26 of this year in territory of a regiment of patrol-guard service of the police, named after Hero of Russia Akhmat-Hajji Kadyrov, was shot at least 27 people. The «New» claims that in fact we can talk about 56 victims.» Shot, according to the newspaper, delivered in different ways, including Christian cemeteries. The publication publishes the list of victims whose death was confirmed.

The «new» reports that the editorial staff have transferred all the information, including «anonymous testimonies of survivors, held in secret prisons and a survivor of terrible torture,» in the RF IC, and the Commissioner for human rights of Russia Tatyana Moskalkova.

Moskalkova told the newspaper about the reaction of the SK to your request: «I got such a response that says that they have not established the facts supporting violent actions, due to the fact that they lack specific data on these citizens.»

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«Novaya Gazeta» reported that in Chechnya, without trial, was executed 27 people

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