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Nutritionists have called 10 factors that hamper to lose weight people who are on a diet

Edition of red alert has published a list of factors that make it difficult to lose weight people who are on a diet. The list is compiled based on the opinions of nutritionists and several studies conducted in different countries.

First place in this list is the rejection of the Breakfast: the body that is deprived of «refueling» in the morning, feels a shock and is committed, at whatever cost, to stock up on calories. «In no case do not give up Breakfast, if you want to lose weight,» say the nutritionists.

In second place – banal overeating caused by disturbing thoughts about the fact that people who are on a diet, eats too little. A study conducted at Yale University revealed that people are unable to correctly calculate the necessary amount of food, so seriously afraid to stay hungry. A small amount of water drunk before meals will calm that anxiety.

Third place goes to lack of sleep, as during night rest person also loses calories, and the fourth is the lack of physical activity and excess of working hours spent in front of the computer.

On the fifth and sixth place in the list of reasons preventing to lose weight, there are «snacks» and a poorly planned diet.

The seventh place is given to the habit of eating too fast so that the body does not have time to feel, when it comes to satiety.

In eighth place is sugary drinks. Sugar, dissolved in juice or soda contains the same calories, and sweets, in that time you usually deny yourself.

Ninth place in the list of reserved vegetables: without them it is impossible to make a correct dietary diet.

The main reason that prevents people to lose weight, placed at the end of the list: it’s the lack of persistence in driving to the goal. «Every time I weighed and noticed that your weight has not decreased, you get upset and seize the mountain of sweets. Don’t do it, be persistent and you will succeed», say nutritionists.

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Nutritionists have called 10 factors that hamper to lose weight people who are on a diet 15.07.2017

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