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Nutritionists have called the main symptoms depending on the sugar

Insomnia, skin problems and «burnt» taste buds – symptoms «sugar addiction». As a rule, the person suffering from it doesn’t realize it. Nutritionists have compiled a list of the main signs of dependence on sugar, says the Daily Mail.

Most noticeable are the constant outbreaks of acne, with nutritionist Natalie lamb notes that excess sugar also leads to premature wrinkles. Also important symptom is «fatigue» taste buds. According to nutritionists, the sugar acts like a drug, causing addiction and, in the end, the inability to assess even a very sweet product.

In addition, people sitting on sugar generally do not understand that their desire to eat a particular product, for example, an Apple or a bun, due to their demand for sugar. Bursts of energy alternating with fatigue also characterize the sweet tooth, as the level of glucose in their blood is not balanced.

There is also a number of symptoms depending on the sugar belong to the bloating, weakening of the immune system, deterioration of sexual life, weight gain and tooth decay.

Nutritionists recommend that those who found the symptoms of «sugar addiction», to spend a 21-day detoxification, completely abandoning sugar-containing products.

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Nutritionists have called the main symptoms depending on the sugar 10.06.2017

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