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NYT: in 1967, the year Israel planned to use nuclear weapons

On 5 June, for the 50th anniversary of the outbreak of the six day war in the Gregorian calendar, the international Woodrow Wilson center in Washington will launch a special web site devoted to the Israeli nuclear program. Will be published collection of documents from the collection of Avner Cohen, the author of several books about the nuclear program the Jewish state.

According to the newspaper The New York Times, of special interest is the beginning of the Israeli developments. According to one of the program Directors, Brigadier retired General Yitzhak Yaakov, the first nuclear device was assembled on the eve of the six day war. It was planned to explode in the Sinai Peninsula.

The General said, the Israeli leadership feared that the war would be lost. The use of nuclear weapons was to scare the Arab States, showing Israel’s determination to die together with their enemies. The plan was named «Samson» — named after the biblical judge, fell upon himself and his enemies in the temple of Dagon and killed along with them.

According to the plan, the charge was planned to blow up on top of a mountain 20 kilometres from the Egyptian fortified area Abu Ageila. Here by helicopter was planned to deliver the bomb and nuclear specialists – under the guise of Marines. Nuclear physicists had to prepare the bomb for detonation and wait for the order. According to Jacob, it was about the mission-suicide. It was assumed that the resolve of the Israelis will force the international community to intervene and prevent the Arab aggression.

Jacob claims that everything was ready for the implementation of the plan, but the war was so swift and successful that to detonate a nuclear warhead is not required. The NYT also reminds us that the Brigadier retired in the past shared memories with an Israeli researcher and journalist Ronen Bergman, but the publication of this book was banned. The Jacob put on trial for treason. He soon died.

According to foreign sources, Israel has a significant nuclear Arsenal and triad of delivery vehicles – ballistic missiles, aircraft and submarines. However, the Israeli leadership is avoiding to confirm or deny such statements. This has been called the policy of the nebula.

However, about ten years ago, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has ranked Israel nuclear States. Shimon Peres, who actively participated in the Israeli nuclear project, in his memoirs also makes it clear that in 1967 Israel had nuclear capabilities.

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NYT: in 1967, the year Israel planned to use nuclear weapons 04.06.2017

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