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NYT: Israelis saved US from a mega-terrorist attacks, trump divulged the information about the agent

According to the newspaper The New York Times, Israeli agents managed to infiltrate the secret laboratory of the terrorist group «Islamic state» and to learn the most guarded secrets of the jihadists.

According to the publication, Israelis learned that the engineers of the IG learned how to create bombs, disguised as battery portable personal computers. While explosive devices it was impossible to identify existing airports means.

It received from the Israelis information caused the American authorities to prohibit the transportation in hand Luggage of any dimensional electronic devices. The ban was joined by Britain, citing terrorist threat.

In the American «black list» were 10 airports in eight countries: Egypt (Cairo airport), Jordan (Amman airport), Saudi Arabia (airports of Riyadh and Jeddah), United Arab Emirates (Dubai airports and Abu Dhabi), Kuwait (El-Kuwait), Qatar (Doha airport), Morocco (Casablanca airport), Turkey (Istanbul airport).

According to The New York Times, obtained from the Israelis information the President of the United States Donald trump shared with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. This angered the Israelis, because the information threatened to expose the most valuable intelligence agents.

Recall that the may 17 ABC TV News gave, citing high-ranking sources in Washington, saying Russia secret intelligence information on Syria, President Donald trump has threatened the life of an Israeli agent in the ranks of the «Islamic state».

According to the broadcaster, this agent uncovered the plan of the IG to blow up flying in the US passenger plane with the help of inherent in the portable computer of an explosive device. Israel handed over information to the United States with the condition that its source not be disclosed, the report said ABC.

The broadcaster quoted the former Director of the national centre for the fight against terror Matt Olsen, who said that we had not only a specific agent, put the important information, but also the possibility to recruit new agents in the ranks of ISIS.

That Donald trump gave the Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, a secret operation associated with the operations of the US and its allies against «Islamic state», first reported by the newspaper The Washington Post. Later additional details published by the newspaper The New York Times.

The articles said that we are talking about classified information provided to the strategic partner of the United States, who did not give permission to send data to Russia. According to sources, The Washington Post, the disclosure of this information trump threatens U.S. cooperation with allies, who have the sources in the «Islamic state».

The White house and the Kremlin denied these reports. Donald trump also started the morning with a series of «tweets», which denied the data contained in The Washington Post, however, subsequently published one «tweet,» in which he stated that he had every right to share information with an ally in the fight against terrorism.

«Cooperation in the sphere of security between Israel and our greatest ally – the United States – remains a deep, significant and unprecedented scale. This relationship with the US is unprecedented in terms of their contribution to our strength. It was and will be», — said then defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, commenting on the publication.

NYT: Israelis saved US from a mega-terrorist attacks, trump divulged the information about the agent 12.06.2017

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